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PowerForge, helping the development of renewable energy.
PowerForge helps you get fast answers to match your power converter design constraints
Reduce Cost and Reach the Market
The competition for the best offer in terms of power converter efficiency and the final price, is the key for being competitive in the energy transition
Multi-parameter sweep
Get an exhaustive look of available answers to your needs by comparing topologies and technologies from our semiconductors library
Mass, Volume, Losses, Costs...
PowerForge evaluates all main characteristics of your power converter solutions according to your specifications
The right converter is low-cost, low-volume & weight, with highest efficiency.
Get the best trade-off to your needs by comparing thousands of power converter solutions

The Innovative Benchmark Software for Power Converters

Provide a standard platform for cost effective power converter design dedicated to all engineers worldwide, regardless their experience

PowerForge is a power converter design software designed from the ground up to compare a great number of power converter solutions.

Sweeping over a wide range of design parameters, PowerForge will automatically generate power converter solutions.

Multi-parameter benchmarking helps compare topologies, technologies (IGBT vs SiC vs GaN), switching frequencies, modulation strategies, …

Thanks to its library of power semiconductor devices, PowerForge is the best power converter benchmarking tool to choose the right IGBT or MOSFET to use in your power converter development project.

The PowerForge engine is a powerful frequency-domain steady-state solver developed by our experts in order to obtain fast and accurate waveforms (see whitepaper).

“The more I use PowerForge, the more it makes my tasks easier”

“The part of this product that helped us a lot is on the DC/AC Inverter design with multi-parameter sweep function. It helped me understand key factors that influence the efficiency and power density of a power converter for my application, find the best output voltage to be used with an imposed DC-link voltage, and select the DC-link capacitor by clicking on the best design to quickly see all capacitor parameters.

Plotting, sorting methods etc. are very well done and convenient when looking for the optimal design with many tasks in parrallel. We finally built a prototype based on this software predesign results.”

Daniel L. Mon-Nzongo, PhD
PowerForge user


Explore topologies, power semiconductors devices, input & output filters, switching frequencies, modulation strategies…

Compare thousands of possible solutions with easy-to-use custom graphs – for example efficiency vs cost or efficiency vs power density.

Choose the solution that fits the needs and constraints of your application. In fact, your choice can be made by the budget/price of the power converter you need while achieving the target efficiency. PowerForge will give you different possibilities for choosing the best power converter solution according to your budget.




PowerForge is the solution that streamlines the work of power electronic designers. By offering profound insight about each of the hundreds of solutions, PowerForge brings expertise to the experts.

PowerForge addresses power converters in many fields: naval, wind turbines, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, industrial motor drives, electric vehicles, aeronautics, etc.

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