About us

Power Design Technologies SA is an electrical engineering software publisher specialized in power electronics. The company was founded in 2016 in Toulouse, France, by five power electronic experts. With a world-class team of experts in power electronics, the company wishes to participate in the development of  the energetic transition.

Competitive and efficient power converters, present everywhere in electrical vehicles, photovoltaic, electric trains, etc. and are the heart of this global ambition

Our team works to offer competitive power converters to the market. The idea the founders had, was to propose the best trade-off of a power converter in a few clicks. For that, they created a software with a library of semiconductors and materials, enabling the power electronic engineers to find the best cost, mass, volume and efficiency for the right power converter.

This decision making aid tool enables the engineers to analyze the data and choose the best configuration, regardless of their level in power electronics. The PowerForge founders integrated all their strong knowledge in power electronics, in order to respond to a huge market demand on power converter efficiency versus cost. Our team works to integrate, in the near future, artificial intelligence into the design process to further help the designers, more efficiently.

The way they found to participate in the energetic transition was to put their knowledge available, for all levels, into a software easy-to-use. Our aim is to help engineers design more efficient system to decrease the CO2 emissions and limit the global warming.