Nicolas Videau CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to founding Power Design Technologies, Nicolas was a Ph.D student in Electrical Engineering at the Laplace laboratory, then a post-doctoral fellow at LAAS-CNRS and Laplace laboratories. His research interests included multi-cell DC-DC converters, module packaging, integration in power electronics and wide-bandgap semiconductors.

Nicolas received the M.Sc from EPFL, graduated from INSA and received his Ph.D degree from INP Toulouse, all in Electrical Engineering. He graduated from Toulouse School of Management in Innovation Management and he participated to HEC Challenge + entrepreneurship program.

François Boige Vice President of Engineering and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

François worked for several year in the field of Power Electronics. He is an expert in power electronics especially on wide-bandgap MOSFET SiC components in extreme operating condition for safe fault tolerance converter. He also manages the IT field, in order to bring a new value in terms of Power Electronics and Software development.

He has a Master degree from the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in France. He received his Ph.D from the “INP Toulouse ” in 2019. That same year François started working at Power Design Technologies, and today, he has all the technical skills and human aspect to manage our technical team and represent our company worldwide.

Julien Laclaverie Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Julien worked for several years in the web-based software field before joining Power Design Technologies. There, his expertise and ability to provide solutions led him to become the company’s CTO. He always made sure to acquire various skills of the solution stack in order to learn how to build efficient and reliable web applications. His proficiency ranges from system architecture and deployment to software development, user interface design and team management. His master’s thesis also led him to work with business processes and how to develop tools that most fit the user’s needs.

Julien graduated in Information Technology (2014) and Database Administration and Management (2015) at Université Paul Sabatier of Toulouse. He received his Systems and Software Architecture and Engineering degree from EICnam in 2018.